Hot Air Balloon Flights in Melbourne

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Melbourne is one of the most popular locations in Australia to take a balloon flight. Whether you are a visitor or a local you'll enjoy the stunning scenery as you fly across the Melbourne skyline.

Your morning flight often starts with a wake up call confirming favourable flight conditions, once confirmed - get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Once you arrive at the launch site (full details are provided once you book), you can either choose to get involved in the setting up of the balloon, or let the experienced team take over as you prep for your surise flight.

Your ready for take off which happens around sunrise, of course with the sun up you'll see the best view from the balloon of the Melbourne city and suburbs. Often the flight path takes the balloon across the city, but of course due to the weather this can't be guaranteed on every flight; but you may see landarks such as the MCG, botantic gardens and the Yarra River & Rialto Tower.

Landing is great fun & the team has selected sites around Melbourne they aim to ground at and of course you will be prepped before the landing on the touch down procedure, its then up to you whether you'd like to join your crew and fellow passengers for a champagne breakfast - this come highly recommended.

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Hot Air Ballooning, WEEKDAY SPECIAL - Melbourne CBD, City Flight

One of the great joys of ballooning is its tranquility as you float with the breeze, feeling absolutely no sensation of movement.

Hot Air Ballooning - Melbourne, Yarra Valley

Hot Air Ballooning in the Yarra Valley! Includes a 5 Gourmet Breakfast with Champagne. The perfect romantic gift idea!

Hot Air Ballooning - Melbourne CBD, City Flight

One of the great joys of ballooning is its tranquillity as you float with the breeze, feeling absolutely no sensation of movement.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Melbourne with breakfast- VIC

Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world that can be flown over in a hot air balloon. For this reason, it is a truly remarkable experience, drifting by the array of parks and gardens that make…

Melbourne Balloon Flight and Overnight Stay - For 2 - Melbourne

Treat yourself and your partner to a hot air ballooning flight over Melbourne and one night's luxury accommodation at the Pullman on the

Hot Air Ballooning and Melbourne Star Observation Ride - Melbourne CBD

See Melbourne in a whole new way when you take to the skies in a breathtaking hot air balloon flight at sunrise followed by a scrumptious

Hot Air Ballooning Yarra Valley and Winery Tour - Melbourne & Yarra Glen VIC

Live life to the fullest! Combine the best of food and wine with a hot-air balloon sunrise flight! You leave Melbourne for your hot-air

Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Melbourne - Melbourne

Hot Air Balloon Rides over Melbourne are a breathtaking way to see the town! Depending on the wind at dawn, your ballooning adventure may

Melbourne and Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Flights

A hot air balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience, as it is one of few major cities in the world that can be traversed by balloon!

Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning Flight, Child

Experience the pleasure of hot air ballooning over the great city of Melbourne. Be prepared to get up nice and early and to help the crew get the balloon ready (that's if you want to). We reckon you will…

Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning

The hot air balloon. It's one of the earliest forms of transportation and is still today one of the most thrilling and relaxing ways to enjoy being up in the air. Now you too can experience the pleasure…

Melbourne Ballooning and Wine Experience

A sunrise balloon flight over Melbourne is a truly remarkable experience. There are few major cities in the world that can be traversed by hot air balloon and there certainly is no better way to take…

Melbourne Balloon Flight with Breakfast

This is how to fly in style. Well actually it's more like gliding, without the wings. There's no doubt about it hot air ballooning is one of man's coolest inventions. Why? Because you get to enjoy a phenomenal…

Exclusive Melbourne Balloon Flight For 2

For those who want to enjoy the awesome thrill of being on top of the world in real style, this is the one to choose. Hot air ballooning for two. (With a pilot of course!) But how special is that? Totally.…

Ballooning over Melbourne with Breakfast, Child

About a half hour before first light we meet at the hotel where you'll receive a briefing from the pilot. After that, we jump into the cars and drive out to the launch site. With the balloon on the ground,…

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